Classic Small Town ‧ Shine Mood Resort Yuanli

Yuanli Township in Miaoli is known as “the granary of Miaoli County” and “the hometown of rush plants,” and it is a place that contains all kinds of  traditional culture and historical traces are found everywhere. With all the efforts of a group of returning young people, the historical arts and cultures are revived and carried forward, and will be pass on from generation to generation.

A garden resort that fulfills the leisure needs of travelers makes its debut and takes root in this classic small town. Located near the foothills of Huoyanshan in Yuanli Township, the resort enjoys a panoramic view of the alluvial fan plain, and thus the name of Shine Mood Resort is given.

Travelling along the spacious country road that leads to Shine Mood Resort, the rural scenery on both sides varies with the seasons: the seedlings are green and full of vigor in spring; the bluish green paddy fields sway in the wind like green waves that rise and fall in summer; while the fragrance of plump golden ears of rice wafts across the fields through the air in the fall, the charming scenery created from the sea of flowers on fallow land signifies the preparations made for the coming year. Looking up at the sky, one can see the majesty of the vast blue dome of heaven unfolding. The unique laid-back lifestyle and the tranquility of the countryside is a landscape that does not exist in the city.

The resort provides 90 guest rooms comprising of 9 different room types. Each spacious, cozy guestroom is equipped with an independent hot spring bath tub for travelers to enjoy the pleasure of taking a hot spring bath right inside their room.

The facilities of the resort also include 10 private springs, a nude hot spring, open-air bath units and an outdoor swimming pool. Travelers can freely choose their preferred style of bathing.

The resort has been designed with a number of different areas for the ultimate enjoyment of our guests and include the “Shine Feast” banquet hall, “Mood Food” restaurant, “Sweet Times” coffee shop, “Sunlight Garden” outdoor patio, reading and play areas, KTV, and an indoor observation deck.

Maintaining a genuine and sincere passion for hospitality is our consistent service principle. We expect and guarantee that all guests who come to Shine Mood Resort are given the opportunity to experience quality and exquisite enjoyment. Escape the noisy city and chaotic lifestyle and spend a superb holiday in a quiet town with us, and return home with beautiful lasting memories of the wonderful time you enjoyed at Shine Mood Resort.

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Address:No. 8-1,Neighborhood 8, Shizhen, Yuanli Township, Miaoli County 358, Taiwan (R.O.C.)